Mary & Mike Aloha
  As Alaskans, Mary and I came to Hawaii each March to get out of the cold and dark with our son Nicholas. On one such vacation we met with an enthusiastic realtor who led us to the property we now farm. The original plan was to raise honeybees to be exported back to Alaska in the spring. Becoming coffee farmers was the furthest thing from our minds. The existing farm was a run down Macadamia nut orchard. Instead of trying to revive the sickly nut trees we cleared the land and planted coffee. When the coffee trees started to reach maturity and our son had graduated school we left Alaska to become coffee farmers on the Big Island of Hawaii. Simple, right? This began our education in coffee farming. Established in 1997 and providing 100% Kona Coffee, our small farm sits at the 1500-foot elevation just south of historic Holualoa. We currently tend 2600 coffee trees. To guarantee consistent quality we do the work ourselves. By hand picking when the fruit is ripe and paying attention to detail during every step of the process, from the field to the roast, we can provide our customers with gourmet estate coffee. To ensure freshness, M&M Kona Coffee is roasted only after it has been ordered. We normally roast two to three times a week.
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