Buying and Storage

  1. First and foremost, quality coffee produces quality results in the cup.

  2. Always buy whole bean coffee. The moment it is ground the flavor oils begin to dry out. Buy whole bean and grind it when you need it.

  3. Don't buy vacuum-packed coffee. Fresh-roasted coffee releases gases, so to vacuum pack it they must let it sit around until it has finished out-gassing. Buy coffee in air-lock valve packages which allow gases out, but do not allow air in.



  1. Store unopened packages of coffee in the freezer. This slows the rate at which the flavor oils evaporate. Donít store them in the refrigerator, it is not cold enough, and your coffee can take on aromas and flavors from the other foods there. Allow frozen beans to come to room temperature before grinding, or they will shatter instead of becoming ground properly.

  2. Store your opened packages away from light in a cool, dry cupboard or pantry.
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