Kona Coffee History


In 1828 Rev. Samuel Ruggles brought some coffee cuttings to Napo'opo'o, South Kona.   They grew well in the climate and volcanic soil, planting soon spread.  In 1892 Herman Widemann introduced a Guatemalan bean, which farmers and brokers found to be superior.  This Guatemalan bean became known as Kona Typica. This is now known as Kona Coffee.

Coffee farming was a difficult business, but was most successful in Kona.

In 1978 Eva Knutson introduced the concept of marketing coffee like wine. Specialty coffee became generally defined by farm, region and harvest.

Today, Kona coffee is world renowned for its flavor, which has been largely attributed to the growing conditions of the location. Tourists enjoy experiencing the coffee culture that exists in Kona.

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